Friday, August 25, 2006

Dhimmi fashion choices

Late one day, when few people were left in the office, I caught my colleague looking at headscarfs at the

I asked her why she was shopping online, since there are plenty of markets in London that sell an amazing array of scarfs that some Muslim women use for hijab and the rest of use for fashion accessories - and if you look around they're pretty cheap. She was just browsing.

On this site, there's a full page of different styles of hijab wear (there's a million different ways to wear them), but most of them on this page are faffy and impractical - and some frankly just ridiculous. To wit:

We had a good laugh, and my colleague, a hijab wearer herself said "We shouldn't laugh, in some countries this is the way Muslim women wear them."

"Well," I said "What's the point of looking at fashion pictures on the Internet if you can't laugh at them."

"Good point."

Then she turned and said "Which style would you wear if you covered?"

"Well, I wouldn't." I said.

"Yes, but if something happened, and you did - which style would you wear?"

If something happened????

"Well, you know I just wouldn't, but if I did..." And I think I pointed to this one:

But on reflection, I think I'd go for this.

or maybe this, cause you least it's orange.

Photo grabbed from Belly Dance in Instanbul

But you know, if I really had to wear hijab on the streets of the UK...I guess I'd be going for a look a little more like this:
Image from the St Petersburger's Soviet Army fashion page


egalia said...

Wow, talk about high fashion. Have American fashion magazines co-opted these, or what?

genderist said...

This is important to know, as my hair continues to fall out. :) I'm taking notes here.

And you know London is the center of fashion!!

Vol Abroad said...

Genderist - you should RUN with this opportunity. Wigs - I say wigs. Try being blonde, try being a red head. Why not?