Wednesday, August 30, 2006

they probably say the same thing in Alabama

Yesterday, I announced at work:

"It's almost football time in Tennessee."
"Oh no, the Vols" said my colleague. But she says "Vols" all funny, with crisp British vowels, not with the loving, long vowels of a Southerner.
"Don't sound like that. This year it will be different. I won't be dragging myself in all morose on a Monday. The Vols are going to win."
"Yes, of course." smirked the colleague.


I had just been watching this via Mr Rocky Top.

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St. Caffeine said...

Oh, they most certainly feel the same way here in BAMA. In fact, if you check out you can hear The Bear himself saying it.

P.S. So I take it you think UT will manage to beat Vandy this year?