Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slav for you

The Vol-in-Law and I were in South Kensington yesterday and spied a Polish restaurant. It was a difficult spot - since the name above the door looked like a French joint and I nearly walked on by. I think the place is called Daquise - and it's by the station in the area that looks up to Exhibition Road. Aparently, it's been around since the 1940s - when the first Polish diaspora arrived in England.

It wasn't my first experience of Eastern European food, but it was my first time in a Polish restaurant. There's one not far from our house which I've been wanting to try, but it's within a private club and I'm not sure how easy it is to get access to the restaurant.

Anyway - yummmmy. In my opinion, you can't beat paprika laden, meat and potato Slavic cooking. The pork stew was so slow cooked, it reminded me of East Tennessee pulled pork. I had the Polish platter, since I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted - and the Vol-in-Law ordered the generous portions of the hunter stew but helped himself to the various bits on my plate.

Good cheesecake is hard to find in the UK - it's mostly the gelatinous, slimy un-baked no-cheese cheesecake. But their cheesecake was crumbly, cheesy goodness.

polish food
The Polish platter and the hunter stew

and the beer was good, too (particularly the one on the right)

polish beer

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