Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deer stalking

Since my new camera arrived, I've been snap, snap, snapping. I'm still learning though...

The Vol-in-Law and I went out to Richmond Deer Park this weekend to see if we could find the deer and find out how the zoom function works. These were the first deer we came across, but they didn't hang out long.

two nervous fellows
Fallow Deer - these were two very nervous fellows.

So we had to hunt for some more, and we eventually found them. Along one of the main roads we spotted a clump of congestion and figured that cars were slowing down for deer, and so they were. I think this may be an area where the deer are fed, as they often seem to congregate in the area. There were perhaps 15 of them, all young. The young deer seem friendlier - I don't know if that's a natural tendency in deer or just the fact that they haven't lived through a cull yet.

This fellow was quite a poser.

begging for a speech bubble
Here he is chewing on a straw. They Hayseed Deer - looks like he's cracking a joke or about to discuss the price of porkbelly futures.

We went back for more the next day and came across a very confident pack of red deer (at least I think that's what they are)

king deer
The King Deer of the Herd

They let us hang around them for a while and then, since it was such a warm day, the King Deer decided to meander down to the lake. They passed very close to me and I could have taken some more photos. But frankly, they were very big and very confident and I was just a little bit scared of them. But once they got in the lake, my own confidence returned.

king deer in the water

wading in

Turns out, though, that I had no need to worry - as August is one of the "safe months" to molest the deer.

deer will eat you

I guess we're fairly warned. Though I did tell the Vol-in-Law the story about the man who was killed by a white tailed deer in Cades Cove while he was on a bicycling trip around the Cove. I can't find a link to the story, but I seem to remember that his widow tried to sue the Park for not providing adequate warning of the danger of death by deer.

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