Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In car entertainment

When VolBro, the Vol-in-Law and I took our grand driving tour of Scandinavia, we each grabbed a collection of CDs to play in the car.

We thought we had enough. Fortunately my brother and I have similar musical tastes, especially on what we consider to be in car entertainment - road trip music. Unfortunately, that meant we had a lot of duplicates. And in the case of Folsom Prison Blues - I think we had about five recordings. Now "I shot a man in Reno" conjures up imagery of fjords and the high, barren mountain wastelands of Norway's Jotunheim rather than the dusty streets and squalid back rooms of the wild west.

Anyway, we tired of our own favorites, after hour upon hour driving through the peaceful Scandinavian coutryside. Maybe my themed country compilation entitled "Guns and Death: Cheerier than it sounds" wasn't the right choice.
So with the road trip to France approaching, I began to think of how we could extend our musical menu. So, I've finally bought an MP3 player. Folsom Prison Blues need only appear once.

And the bonus is that soon I can be one of those annoying commuters with the leaking headphones inflicting my music on others. (I won't - I'll spend the extra on quality headphones to avoid doing unto others what has irked me so often).
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Sam said...

Are you gonna do a French-themed playlist? I love French pop and am always looking for new stuff. There are the masters of course, like Serge Gainsbourg and Yves Montand. But you might want to look for some Jacques Dutronc, Les Miserable (the band, not the musical), Francoise Hardy. Ginette Garcin is cool. France Gall, too. Check out Charlotte Gainsbourg's duet with her dad...creeeeeeepy. There's some fun contemporary French stuff, like MC Solaar and, of course, Air. Zebda does a Middle Eastern flavored reggae kinda thing, La Rumeur do a Portisheady kind of trip-hop. The immigrant suburbs of Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, all the big cities, are fertile grounds for some really interesting hip-hop and acid jazzy sounds, with exotic blends of Asian and African rhythms and harmonies.

Vol Abroad said...

No I most certainly will not be going with a French themed playlist. I'm not terribly adventurous when it comes to music.

If I do pick up any music while there it will be Breton folk.