Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my JonBenet Ramsay info

My mom told me that her friend's son's girlfriend's grandmother lived in the same neighbourhood as that Mark Karr fellow when he was growing up.

I can't be certain of the accuracy of this information, since it's filtered through 5 people and many thousands of miles - but that Mark Karr fellow is weird. Always has been, even when a little kid.

There ya go.


Vol K said...

CNN in Tokyo (news abroad is preferable) reported a long history of that weird guy getting fired from schools for complaints about "inappropriate behavior" involving students. After that happened twice, I would have expected someone to do something about his passion for teaching young children all over the world. Oh, not to mention all the marriages to minors...

Vol Abroad said...

Well, I guess my mom's friend's son's girlfriend's grandmother was right after all.