Tuesday, July 24, 2007

12 US Senators harbor a dark secret

It's true. Twelve US Senators harbor a dark secret. I know that it's true because I saw it in black and white. Some canny reporters blew that story wide open. Phil Gramm, sneaky bastard that he is, couldn't even muster a denial in the face of the stone cold facts.

"It's all true," it quotes Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, as saying. "I'm amazed
that it's taken you so long to find out."

Only one paper was brave enough to tell all.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Going where no congressional critics have gone before, a
supermarket tabloid contends that 12 U.S. senators are space aliens. And many
of them are "admitting" their otherworldly origins.

The Weekly World News.

And now they're closing down. And why? Why is obvious.

The Bush Administration knew they were getting too close.

We can't handle the truth.

Hat Tip to Joe Powell. And I still have my WWN t-shirt which proves that 12 US Senators were space aliens.

UPDATE: Someone might be willing to take on the gaping void that the Weekly World News will leave.

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