Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When I die...

Since one of our most frequent recreational past times is taking a walk in the nearby cemetery, we play the "when I die" game a lot.

When I die:

  • Don't bury me in this crappy cemetery.
  • I want a kick ass floral memorial - like maybe this one - only in single malt/ sipping whiskey flavor.
  • I want to enter the fossil record, so you have to bury me in a zone of accretion rather than erosion (I majored in Geology in college)

But never once has either of us said:

When I die, please steal a street sign, turn it around and write my whole life story in both Arabic and English and cover my grave with a random assortment of fake flowers which you may or may not have collected from other parts of the cemetery.

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Vol-in-Law said...

The chap with the stolen street sign BTW had quite an interesting life history, being an Iraqi anti-Ba'athist.

KathyF said...

Nothing like an interesting plot.

I have already instructed my daughters as to which bands will play at my memorial concert ten years after I'm gone. No aging Supertramp singers, please.

Nicole said...

Oh. My.

I want to be mulched.

Mike said...

I am working on a project for a friend in trade for frosty cold beers, and I found a picture of yours on Nicole's site of a few trees in fog. I really like the feel of the shot, and I was wondering if I could use it. Bottom-line is that I refuse to steal anything, and I promise to properly credited you in my presentation.

Vol Abroad said...

Mike - sure, most of my photos are under Creative Commons license - you should be able to download it from here:

I think this is the one you're interested in.