Monday, July 30, 2007

Good baby milestones

I took Baby Cletus out to the shops today and for the first time he didn't scream his head off for a healthy portion of the trip. He either slept or gurgled cherubically in his stroller, while occasionally batting the jingling cow baby toy that I've named Shambo - after the recently slaughtered holy bullock resident at a Welsh Hindu monastery.

He was so good that I wished I could reward him with some teeth rotting candy or an age inappropriate DVD.

orange hat


furrow said...

What a good Cletus!

(BTW, I think Willa is a rather nice name, but that's not it. Zella is a new one on me. Thanks for playing!)

Anonymous said...

What teeth? Now is the perfect time for sweets. Gums are harder to rot. VolGrandMom

Sharon Cobb said...

OH my gosh, he is too adorable.

You are one very lucky woman!