Monday, July 23, 2007

Rage against the heavens

It's wet in England.

Now normally, I bet you'd say...yeah, it's England - what do you expect. But actually, it doesn't rain that much here. Sure it rains frequently, but not that hard and not that much and especially not in summer. You don't normally get the kind of torrential rain that I knew in Tennessee. But we've had it recently. And now it's flooding.

So who's to blame? Can we rage against the heavens (like ol' Cletus here)?

scream to high heavens

Kathy has a list of the usual suspects (and a low down on the flood story):

The Independent names the culprit: global warming. But The Guardian implicates La NiƱa as well. Others blame the fact that 10 percent of homes in England are built on a flood plain. They didn't call it the Doomsday Book for nothing.

Me and the Vol-in-Law are scouring the government websites to see if we're in any danger of flooding. Turns out we could be if the rain keeps up and the Thames swells at an inopportune time.


Anna said...

That is easily the best picture I've seen all week. Cheers. And be careful with the flooding!

Vol Abroad said...