Friday, August 12, 2005

Busy this Sunday?

This post really goes out to my Mom, who says she reads this blog. So Mom, if you're not doing anything this Sunday, why don't you join the folks over at Tennessee Guerilla Women , fellow Rocky Top Brigadiers, to protest Justice Sunday II, which is being held at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville. (Boy the Baptists are getting a lot of play in my blog these days)

I'd go myself, but it's a little far from London to Nashville (in more ways than one these days). Though I'd be tempted to actually attend the Justice Sunday II, 'cause

  • I've never been inside one of those super churches
  • I'd kind a like to see Tom DeLay and Phyllis Schlafly speak, it's not often I get to see folks like that in the flesh (well, never)
  • Maybe I could be on tv as they scan across the crowd

Mom, you could make a day of it, you could get a bite to eat, visit with your sister. Perhaps you could both go down there... should be great.

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