Friday, August 19, 2005

Not right to speak ill of the dead

I know it's not right to speak ill of the dead... But I'm going to anyway. Ha.

Mo Mowlam, former Labour MP, former Northern Ireland Secretary and former Cabinet Secretary is dead. She had had a long running battle with cancer, brain tumor actually, and really had fought very bravely against it. The treatment and the illness itself ruined her looks, and as a female politician she had to put up with all kind of nasty comments about her appearance that I don't think a male politician would have had to put up with. She managed to rise above it.

Unfortunately she rose above it to a kind of politics that was stupid and harmful. Mo Mowlam cosied up to Sinn Fein/ IRA, and while Northern Ireland secretary actually flirted with Martin McGuiness, a man who was arrested and convicted of having a car-load of explosives. Mo Mowlam liked to talk to terrorists. She wanted us to open a dialog with Al Qaeda.

There were all the usual bits of praise for Mo who probably made an enemy of Tony Blair when she "inadvertently" upstaged him at a Labour Party conference. Hmm... Tony's list of enemies is dwindling rapidly, first Robin Cook, now Mo... who's next - Gordon?

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