Sunday, August 21, 2005

Peace shattered

Ergggh... The sun, after weeks of hiding away, is finally out. But instead of being able to enjoy my garden in peace my head is throbbing with the thumpa thumpa of my neighbours' do it yourself nightclub. Mind you its been going on since 9 am and this isn't my first diisturbed Sunday morning.

These neighbours are relatively recent arrivals from Poland.(The UK is the only country allowing new EU citizens like Poles and Czechs access to its labor markets so we've got loads of new Eastern European immigrants) I reckon there's little to do in Poland and maybe they're from some tiny little village. At first they were well behaved youth, but I think a new housemate and the freedoms of London has led them down the wrong path. They seem to be having more fun than they used to, but the thumpa thumpa is driving me insane. They listen to an eclectic range of music: hip hop, house, and Baltic pop (as bad as it sounds) and all of it is headache inducing.

Thing is, you don't party at 9am without the aid of pharmaceuticals so there's not much hope of them tiring out soon. The Vol-in-Law tries to counter them by playing some of his favorite music. But I gotta tell you as much as I love the Man in Black, Johnny Cash don't drown out thumpa thumpa.


Vol Abroad said...

testing comments

melusina said...

Yea, Baltic pop is pretty damn bad. On our satellite we get VivaPolska (an MTV for the Polish) and some of the home grown stuff is awful.

Still, you can always find a CD of Norweigen death metal and blast it really loud for 2 minutes. That should deafen them and perhaps put them into a comatose state for awhile.