Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tennessee Fugitives

Last night - after the play- the Vol-in-Law and I were watching Fox News, my new favorite past time. (There's a whole post about that - hanging around in draft, I'll publish it someday). Anyway, the steady stream of right-wing propaganda was interrupted by breaking news of the murder of a Tennessee deputy and the gettaway of the prisoner and his wife George and Jennifer Hyatte - (see the cool TBI flyer here in pdf) Lots of blood had been found in the floorboard of their abandoned vehicle, and most people reckoned Jennifer had been injured in the shoot-out.
Fox News had on Dwayne "Dog" Chapman, self-promoting bounty hunter extroidinaire, to provide commentary and speculation about what the fugitives were up to. He suggested all kinds of possible activities they and even believed that when the going got tough George would likely abandon the wounded, possibly dying Jennifer.
When I got home, the Vol-in-Law said: You know, they caught those fugitives.
Me: Yeah, I read it in the Tennessean online today, apparently they gave up without fuss.
ViL: They were found together. That Dwayne Chapman said the husband would leave the wife, but you know... the family that slays together stays together.

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