Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fun at the fair in Wilson County

Mom tells me she's been visiting the Wilson County Fair this week, where I note they had a God and Country day. Mom works on Middle Tennessee District Fair, (and before you ask, not as a carnie) and supposedly Wilson County has one of the best, so they go up there to get ideas.

Mom got in free 'cause of her own fair work. Also cousins by marriage and by blood are on the Wilson County Fair Board, which I suppose doesn't hurt. My grandfather came from Wilson County, and his sister lives there now. Mom said she was really impressed by the historical and educational aspects of the fair, but she got to ride around in a cart to tour the fair and I think got some special treatment, so no wonder she was impressed.

I checked the website and I couldn't find any pictures of my great uncle's cucumber (entered in the longest cucumber category). Apparently it was 32 inches long, but sadly when carrying it to the fair, the last six inches broke off. What did he do? He taped it back together with duct tape. And he won anyway. A blue ribbon for the duct tape cucumber. I'm impressed. Apparently all the other cucumbers were shorter than the undamaged portion of his cucumber. He and my great aunt also won prizes for potatos, onions, flowers and so on.

My mom said she and her aunt had supper at the Fair, which really surprised me. My grandfather (her Dad) used to always tell us before we headed to the fair "Don't ride any rides, don't eat anything, and don't spend any money"

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melusina said...

Sound advice, no doubt. The last time I ate fair food was, well, let's just say I didn't "fare" too well for a few days after that.

The longest cucumber, repaired with duct tape. There is a comedy act in that, I'm sure of it.