Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The view of Katrina from good ol' Rocky Top

Reading through Rocky Top Brigade posts on Katrina, I find:

Over at Shots across the Bow, Rich says that he’d be taking [looting] food and water if he were in N.O. (and then highlights links to potentially racist copy, also picked up in AmericaSedition) But, watch out, other Brigadiers might shoot you if you try – see High Country Conservative and SayUncle.

In Thoughts of an Average Woman, she wonders how long it will be before the right wing crowds start crying “lack of personal responsibility” for why people didn’t evacuate before the hurricane hit, but SK Bubba says “why weren’t the poor evacuated”. (I agree with Michael Silence, Bubba's writing is most poignant on this.) Tennessee Guerilla Women point to underfunding of flood defenses by the Bush Administration, but Bob Krumm wonders if N.O. should be rebuilt. Fact is N.O. is in a dangerous and unsustainable place, but it doesn’t make the human tragedy any less horrific.

Finally, genderist at haiku of the id, gives some good advice on giving blood. And she ought to know, she's a nurse.

Me, as usual, I don’t let the dictates of good taste prevent me from writing tongue-in-cheek crap. I'm not very good at taking in big disasters 'til later.

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