Saturday, August 13, 2005


Yesterday's post urged my Mom to join the protest over Justice Sunday II but I also suggested that I might have liked to attend the event myself if it weren't for the great distances involved, for the sake of curiosity alone.

Turns out, the event is ticketed (no surprise) but I'd have about as much chance of getting a ticket as an ice cube in hell. You have to get your tickets through your home church and your home church has to apply to the host church, Two Rivers Baptist Church, for its allotment of tickets.

Since my usual Sunday service is conducted by Reverend Sheets with the able support of Deacon Pillow, I don't reckon my home church would be allocated many tickets.
Of course, there's always scalpers, wonder how much a Justice Sunday II ticket is going for?


Kris Sheeran said...

Rather disputable.

agentorange said...

I gotta know, who's the cat in the orange sweater???