Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My irreplaceable brassiere

Today one of my favorite bras gave out. It's a black sports bra that I wear in sort of general use. It's not repairable, the whole thing is made out of a stretchy kind of fabric and the elastic has just sort of expired.

I'm quite sad about it because it's not like I can just go out and get another one. For one thing we in Europe are facing a bra shortage because of silly quota rules imposed on textile goods from non-EU countries. Apparently there are container loads of bras and sweaters from China just piling up in EU ports waiting for customs folks to release them once the folks in Brussels come to their senses. And for another, well I just don't buy underwear in Europe.

I can't say why that is exactly but even after 9 years of living abroad I've never bought any underwear but in Tennessee, Alabama or Georgia. (Ok once I bought a push-up bra in the UK but that was definitely a special occasion, a sartorial emergency).

At first I thought that I was just being cheap. Clothes, in fact just about anything you can think of, are less expensive in the US. But now that I'm making halfway decent money that can't be the reason. I think I have to face that I'm just a completely unadventurous sort when it comes to foundation garments. I prefer plain serviceable items in breathable fabric. Maybe buying underwear in a foreign land, even in my adopted country, is just too adventurous for me.

Anyway farewell bra, it will be a while before I can replace you.


Anonymous said...

Do you need me to send you a replacement post haste? If so, please send the specs.

Scooby said...

I feel your pain. I just want something that covers, slims and doesn't show up under a tight T-shirt.

But thanks to the likes of Victoria's Secret, our options are limited to miniscule, lacy pushups. What is the world coming to?

Vol Abroad said...

Thanks, VolMom for the offer. But I have sufficient bras to last me 'til Christmas, if I guard them carefully...

And to Lauren...yes, that's the other thing - there is an overabundance of ridiculous, but quite cute, brassieres (at least for now, with the trade dispute, I don't know for how long...) I can always take myself down to Lillywhite's in Piccadilly Circus - biggest sporting goods store I've ever seen and get a replacement sports bra - I may need to.