Thursday, August 18, 2005

Too satirical for my own good - The Volunteer!!?

Yesterday I blogged (satirically) about the loss of The Volunteer as a UT mascot (alright you can say he's Davy Crockett, but I reckon he stands for all those Tennesseans who volunteered in this or that conflagration).
But now on the Countertop Chronicles which I picked up via SayUncle's link, there's a post saying that the Volunteer is being dropped because of his gun. I don't know if it's true, as the link the official UT site was down - and I certainly don't know if the reason is correct as I believe those folks are little TOO sensitive about the whole gun thing.
Anyway, if the Volunteer is going, that's outrageous. If it's cause of the gun, perhaps we could keep the Volunteer and he could check his weapon at the door (or maybe he could apply for a concealed carry permit)
One of my favorite t-shirts of old pictured The Volunteer holding his rifle (muzzle planted in the ground - a gun safety no-no) with some pithy, slightly aggressive saying. I don't still have the t-shirt, wish I did. But if they are getting rid of the Volunteer, maybe I can get my brother to get me a new t-shirt on close-out.

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