Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A dreadful catalogue of errors

Turns out London's Metropolitan Police have seriously screwed up. According to information leaked to the press here, there were a series of errors, starting from tailing the wrong guy. A guy who turned out to be innocent Jean Charles de Menezes. Why did they start tailing him. Well, the officer on watch was 'relieving himself', that's right answering the call of nature, taking a piss. 'Course that happens to everyone from time to time.

Mr de Menezes took the bus to Stockwell station, used his Oyster card (an electronic ticket), got a free paper (no doubt the Metro), and only started running, when - yep, a Northern line train (my line!) pulled into the station.

Here's more about it from the Times, including some rather disturbing photographs.
As if we didn't feel tense enough already.

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