Monday, August 15, 2005

A new day... Liberalism is dead.

Reverend Jerry Sutton, Pastor at Two Rivers Baptist Church, said yesterday at Justice Sunday II that "It's a new day. Liberalism is dead."

Oh, dear... and just when I was getting the hang of it.

Of course, maybe he just meant in America, because James Dobson, founder of focus on the family said that Western Europe was "that most liberal place on the Planet". Yep, I know it's difficult to remember there's a world outside America, Rvd. Sutton, but please don't forget us here in Western Europe, it's like the Disneyworld for free-thinkers, the liberalist place on Earth. Although, we're clamping down here, too, on traditonal liberal values like free speech (or will be just as soon as Parliament can get back into session).

The article in the Tennessean about Justice Sunday was a bit distressing to me. I keep hoping that my America will remain the land of the free and the home of the brave, but I see it more and more becoming the land of the pious and home of the intolerant. (And I really hope I'm wrong about that.) Though I do have to agree with James Dobson that an "unelected, unaccountable, and often arrogant" judiciary, is imposing "judicial tyranny" as judges legislate from the bench, as that's how we ended up with Gee Dubya as president in the first place, and how we very well could see state sponsored religion like prayer in schools imposed on everyone regardless of their beliefs (at least if the folks at Justice Sunday have their way).

There was one lighter note in the Tennessean article, however,

...volunteer Sherrie Allen, a Two Rivers Baptist Church member, said, "I am
overwhelmed. It just amazes me how they are speaking in unity. It's like God
gave each one of them a message and He lined it up so that each one is speaking
directly to what the previous said."

Ummm, no Sherrie, I believe it's called working from a program. I organise events and conferences for my work and on reflection, it overwhelms me, too that everyone seems to be speaking on the same topic (the one that I gave them)overlapping only slightly, so as to support each other's messages (it helps that we distribute the powerpoint presentations in advance).

For more on Justice Sunday II ... visit the Tennessee Guerilla Women's site who were valiantly braving the August heat in Tennessee (and probably in the view of Justice-Sundayer-types risking a similar heat in hell), to protest this attack on our democracy. They also have a round-up of who said what in the Tennessee blogging scene, including those who were live-blogging the event.

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