Monday, May 22, 2006

The Commons

So tonight I was drinking at the Houses of Parliament, an annual drinks for the Wandsworth Conservatives. I can't say it was the best time I've had with them, but it was fun. The main disappointment was that we were at the terrace bar, but the weather was dreadful, windy and rainy. Thus we couldn't enjoy what must normally be one of the best views in London.

Highlights of the evening include smoking on the terrace - which is against the law at the very place where they make the laws. Sure I only got three quarters of the way thru the cigarette before I got told off by the wait staff. But it was the ultimate in petty rebellion.

I also passed the current Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt in the hallway. But I'm dreadful at spotting celebrities of any sort, it was the Vol-in-Law who recognised her. For my American readers, this might be a little like spotting Michael (?) Chertoff. They are both doing a heckuva job, according to their equally odious leaders.


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