Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Silly cat post

Fancy, the precious black cat, likes to cross over the fence and into other people's back gardens. I worry about that.

A few days ago, I could see very well that she meant to go into my neighbour's house. I shouted at her to stop - but cats pay little heed to orders.

A few moments later I heard him say "Stupid cat, don't drink that."

But it was said more in amusement than in anger.

Today, she popped over the fence and began mewling at the neighbour's door. A sad kittenish squeak - pitiful. My neighbour's teenage daughter was visiting and she opened the door. Clearly Fancy has been grooming her in an attempt to elicit treats and petting. Unfortunately, Fancy bites. I overheard visiting-neighbour-daughter in say that she had petted the cat, but it had bitten her. This was also said more in amusement than in anger. Fancy doesn't bite hard, but she does, unfortunately - bite compulsively.

Fancy in the garden

This being England, of course, I can't just chat over the back fence. I'd have to go round the front to discuss the actions of my stupid cat.


Daldianus said...

What a cute cat!

St. Caffeine said...

Go ahead, Vol, educate me? Why the prohibition against talking across the fence in the yard? I'm assuming this is just a cultural thing, though the water police incident makes we wonder if it's not a legal prohibition.

genderist said...

What a pretty cat... her coat looks almost blue in that picture. Doesn't Other Cat get jealous?

Vol-in-Law said...

Actually, traditionally people do talk over the fence in the suburbs, but ours are 6' high so it'd be hard!

Vol-in-Law said...

Other Cat seems resigned to her position as, well, the Other Cat - but we do love her dearly. :) Fancy's blue fur I suspect is the result of artificial manipulation....