Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wine and political commentary

Before we got the 52 bottles of wine (now down to around 42, I think) we might have a single glass of wine with supper...Just now we've polished off a bottle and I'm feeling distinctly woozy. So instead of actually coming up with my own commentary, I'll just steal someone else's.

As a political junkie, I am quite enjoying the drama playing out right now in the UK. For my American readers, just a little background. Tony Blair is expected to hand over the leadership of the Labour Party (and thus the role of Prime Minister) to Gordon Brown before the next general election, but no one knows when this will happen. Given his mounting scandals and recent local election defeats, Blair is facing rebellion from Labour MPs who want him to set a timetable for his departure ASAP. In response, Blair is essentially giving everyone the finger. I think this sums it up?
Yeah...all that and more...over here. How's that for witty and insightful?


Back a few years ago, I was getting my haircut in Lawrenceburg. Now, hairdressers just about anywhere outside of Westminster or Washington are not known for their political nous, and even more not much known for their knowledge of foreign political leaders.

My hairdresser du jour knew I'd come in from out of town - VolMom had phoned for an emergency appointment after all. But when I said I lived in London she was pretty flabbergasted. "London, England?" she said. I confirmed.

She was quiet for a moment and then "That Tony Blair's all right." she said.

I hardly knew what to say...not having ever been a big fan of New Labour. But I will say this... he said the right thing on 9/11 - and I will never forget him for that - on a day when I was wondering "Where's my president?" Tony Blair stepped up to the plate and delivered. And I think that's what Americans know and remember him for - not just his obsequious and unfathomable loyalty to Mr Bush.

So no matter if his approval rating has dipped even below Bush's - Tony Blair always be able to make the big bucks on the American lecture circuit. And that must be some comfort.

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