Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kitti insurgency in its last throws

I couldn't let another day pass without comment on the latest fish killings in our garden pond.

The deaths of Caspar Weinberger and Blaze have been recorded on this blog previously. But this weekend, we had not one, but two deaths. Darrell and Darrell are gone*. Most likely killed on Saturday. It must have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

Fishy native rejoicing in the sweet water of freedom before recent disappearance

I worry it's my own cats doing the slaying. But the Vol-in-Law says that our cats are the loyal Kitti Garden Guard, there to protect the integrity of our pond and its piscine inhabitants. It is the foreign cats who are the back bone of the insurgency.

The increase in fish casualty rates of late is a sign that the Kitti insurgency is in its last throws.

Our remaining fish - Larry, Darrell and Smokey - are resilient. They are still grateful for our intervention. But our own Kitti militia has yet to stand up to the menace of foreign Kitti fighters.

We have not yet found the bodies of Darrell and Darrell. It remains a possibility that they may have been kidnapped by a feline group known or unknown in the region. I just hope we don't have to witness their deboning on Al Cat-eera

other cat in the sun
As they stand up, we'll stand down.


genderist said...

Did you try kitty-printing the perimeter?

melusina said...

Why did you have three Darrells? Unless this isn't the "I'm Larry, this is my brother Darrell, and this is my other brother Darrell" from Newhart you are referring to. Unless I've forgotten something, which would be tragic.

If these were my cats, they'd totally be suspect, even as they batted their innocent kitty eyes at me.

Vol Abroad said...

Believe it or not - there used to be 4 Darells. There was Larry, Darrell X4, and Blaze. I called them all Darrell, because I couldn't tell them apart - being all uniformly orange.

Then one of the Darrells started to get more white on him - and it turned into an orange and white checkerboard, much like the UT end zone - hence Smokey.

melusina said...

Ah, well that makes sense.