Monday, May 22, 2006

Drought order

Regular readers may be aware of my ire at the hosepipe ban - keen gardeners such as myself are unable to use hosepipes or sprinklers to water our lawns or gardens.

Now some water companies are getting even tougher - disallowing the use of water for certain commercial activities - such as watering golf courses, and using piped mains water for car washes, and window cleaning. The Environment Agency (which advises and regulates on such matters) put pressure on my water company to request a drought order. Thames Water refused. Indeed, the right call since reservoirs are at over 90 per cent capacity.

But ever since the drought order has been in place, it's been raining. Raining, with brief moments of hazy sunlight, then drizzle, then rain. My water butt is full and overflowing. My flower pots are saturated. And I'm missing warmth and sunshine so much I think I'm coming on with Spring onset Seasonal Affective Disorder or SO-SAD.

Last one on the ark, rescind the drought order.


Anonymous said...

Ain't gardening life grand!

"John Galt" said...

I things continue as they have begun, it will be a great growing season in Tennessee.

Vol Abroad said...

Yes, it always makes me feel better when Tennessee has better growing weather than I have in the gardening Mecca of England.