Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not your usual kitty treat

I was walking around the garden dead-heading the pansies, when Other Cat started meowing most plaintively. I had forgotten that, after I finally broke her of eating the blooms off the plants, we used to have a little game where I'd feed her the faded blossoms that I removed.

So, we walked around the garden, still damp from a rainy afternoon, I pulled the old blossoms and fed them to her petal by petal.

mmm, tasty

Funny thing is, she only waits for me to feed her the pansies, she'll still eat alyssum and other flowers straight off the plant.


genderist said...

My alyssum's already looking sad... but my cat's too scared to come out to the patio... so I'll just mail Other Cat the dead blooms from Zoloft!

St. Caffeine said...

Other Cat is very strange. Makes me feel better about Gumbo.