Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Murder update

I posted about some recent murders in my neck of the woods. Really, Tooting is quite safe. Don't let me and my murder talk put you off visiting. And please don't let it put you off buying my house at a premium when I'm done with it.

Anyway, now the Metropolitan police have placed the "murder board" near the scene of the crime. This is a common tactic for the Met. It must work, since they keep doing it (?). It's an appeal for information, but I reckon it must mostly serve to scare people silly and cause house prices to plummet. It certainly reduces the joie de vivre that Tooting is normally known for.

Rotation of IMGP3121

I'd also like to point out that it couldn't have been me. I was in Wandsworth Town drinking with the local Tory politicians (and an MP*) about that time.

The Vol-in-Law is at a borough wide neighbourhood watch meeting - so he may well come home with juicy goss from the cops.
*OK she was across the room and doesn't know me from adam's off ox, but lots of other people can vouch for me.

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Anglofille said...

These signs are strange. In my neighborhood a few weeks ago there was a giant sign that said RAPE. It then listed some horrific details of the crime. I guess it must be helpful to the police, but it does create unease.