Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Really important gummint news

Today I picked up two really important bits of public safety information from the UK Home Office:

Summer sun no excuse for drunken disorder

Really? Now see, I don't agree. Perfect excuse. Absolutely perfect. Drunken disorder on a hazy or overcast day, however, really is unacceptable. But the cops say:

“This campaign comes hot on the heels of the successful Christmas campaign, and will reinforce the message that rowdy, intimidating and violent behaviour will be no more tolerated during the summer months than during the festive season."

So it looks like drunkenness is a no-no at Christmas and Summer, but a-ok in the Spring and Fall.

And - through another national feed - we get the Home Office shed security advice for Sedgefield Borough Council. I'm not sure where that is - but they're sheds are being targeted. Advice for Sedgefield residents:

With summer fast approaching, Sedgefield Community Safety Partnership is urging members of the community to think about the security of their garden equipment and have provided some handy hints for residents.

1. Ensure that your shed is in good condition.
2. Fit a good lock on your shed door. The fitting should be bolted through the door of the shed and reinforced at the back with a steel plate. The hasp should have concealed screws or coach bolts fitted.
3. Fit any shed windows with a grille.
4. Security mark property such as lawnmowers, garden furniture etc.
5. Never leave items unattended even if you are just popping into the house.

I have been the victim of shed burglary myself. Some thieves in Coventry stole our landlords really heavy, non-working lawnmower. So I can feel the pain of the Sedgefield residents, but how bad must it be if you have to lock up your garden furniture while topping up your drink in the house.

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