Friday, May 05, 2006

Sickening results in London elections

The Tories made good gains in London in yesterday's local elections. That's good. I'd have been disappointed if Labour or Lib Dems had done better than they did, but not disgusted.

But there are some sickening results in London. The British National Party won 11 seats in Barking & Dagenham - becoming the main opposition. And George Galloway's "Respect" party won 11 seats in Tower Hamlets. I think both parties are sick and divisive national socialists - they just appeal to different nations. Respect appeals to the odd coalition of trotskyites and islamo-nazis. The BNP appeals mostly to your traditional working class white with racist resentments.

Their election - equally - can only prove divisive, fractionalising society. We don't have to all agree, but we do have to all rub along together. Respect and BNP aren't really interested in that. I can only hope the rot stops before we see anything like the Parisian riots here in London.

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