Monday, May 29, 2006

Things I might have done today...

I'm not making the most of this 3 day weekend. But you see I have a good excuse. My car is not working. The battery seems to be dead for no discernable reason. That's worrying, because if I had left the lights on or kept the radio running or something like that, then I could just curse my own stupidity, charge up the battery and move on.

We are charging up the battery, but it takes hours. So it's the perfect excuse to just hang around the house and do nada.

Things I might have done today
1. I could have turned in my knives at the local police station as there is a nationwide knife amnesty. But I only have kitchen knives, and anyway they'd have to pry my knife out of my cold, dead hand if I were in the habit of carrying.
2. Potted up my remaining plants...I'm out of potting soil.
3. Driven down to Crystal Palace to see the really big dinosaurs. It's been on our list of "fun things to do" for a while.
4. Gone to the grocery store for some much needed reprovisioning.

Things I could do without the car, but am not:
1. Cleaning and tidying
2. Laundry

Things I have done:
1. Messed with the cat til she bit me
2. Added some new links to my blog
3. Watched daytime tv.


Anglofille said...

I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning. I don't recommend it.

"John Galt" said...

Dave Barry, former humor columnist for the Miami Herald, is on holiday in London this week. If you happen to run into him and his family, please say hello. =:-)

Vol Abroad said...

Ummm, yeah, will do.