Monday, May 15, 2006

National Guard, Mexico and vast right-wing conspiracies

OK, so President Bush is sending the National Guard, our volunteer part-time army, down to Mexico to patrol the border. Don't worry, it's only temporary. When the Mexicans stand up, we'll stand down.

Lots of other people have already commented on this with nice thoughtful, posts (see Brittney's round-up at Nashville is talking.)

This isn't going to be one of those thoughtful posts. The rational me says..."this is just a stunt to shore up the base in a midterm year when Bush has slipping poll numbers."

But that's just too easy, too pat. Some tiny part of me is saying: "Dang! Bush has form. He's going to invade!" (And I hope that's my comedy voice and not my oddly prescient voice.)

See, the American electorate is tired of all these far flung foreign wars. Iran is just too far away and those people are so crazy they just might fight back, like the walkover in Iraq. No, we could have a war where we just drive down across the border, drink a few margaritas, eat some tacos, buy some cheap but colorful ponchos and then take over the country. He stacking troops on the Mexican border as a staging post. All this malarky about preventing "drug and people smuggling" is a ruse.

Mark my words, we'll own Mexico by October.

But there's an upside, besides the colorful ponchos. Once we've incorporated Mexico into the United States, there won't be anymore Mexicans illegally crossing the border.

Mission accomplished!

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genderist said...

My personal favorite part of his speech was how he implied that *some* people wanted to grant the already-established illegal immigrants amnesty! Gasp!

... especially since not two months ago that's what he wanted to do...