Sunday, November 06, 2005

Those Vols

Of course, I was hoping for a win. Part of me believed that it could happen. (Maybe the part of me that believes I might win the lottery after buying a ticket). I wore orange with pride.

But I knew we had lost when I checked my visitor stats and saw a new upswing in people landing on my site from the search string "Fire Phil Fulmer". Oh dear. Final score: UT 21 - Notre Dame 41. I note that it was tied in the 3rd quarter. And then I note 20 more points to Notre Dame in the 4th quarter. That's a lot of points to give away. I love beating Notre Dame, but I have to admit it doesn't hurt me to lose to them like an SEC loss pains me.

Joel S Hollingsworth has the early reactions from our fellow Vol bloggers.

I'm with others in saying that - emotionally anyway - I'm ready to chuck in this season. It was a bad year. Let's look forward to next season. Well, I'm ready except for one thing. Vandy.

When I spoke to VolBro after the Alabama game I said I'm afraid that we might lose to Vanderbilt. and he said " That is a legitimate fear."

If we lose to the Vandy that's just the shame icing on the crow cake we'll be forced to eat after what must be the most disappointing season in history. Yes, there have been other disappointing seasons, but the hopes were just so high.


Sam said...

Don't let a loss to Vanderbilt get you down. Vandy shoulda beat Florida last night; it was heartbreaking. At least you didn't lose to a deeply mediocre and unranked NC State home.

"John Galt" said...

"Then he pointed up at the giant clock tower and said "What's that?"

"Big Ben" I replied."

Lets get really critical here. Isn't the bell Big Ben and the building itself St. Stephen's Tower?

Vol Abroad said...

Well, yes...

But I didn't know the name of the clock tower.

Big Ben has really become synonymous with the clock tower it's a metanymn.

"John Galt" said...

Is that like being "almost pregnant"?

"John Galt" said...

Sorry to be so picky. Must be my Vandy background showing.