Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn garden tidy

I'd kinda let the garden go a little bit. Of course, during my holiday and then after. I didn't look too bad, but the thunbergia and passion flower vine had taken over and needed cutting back. I did some hacking and garden maintenance this afternoon, since the weather was warmish and without the threat of rain- if a bit dull.

Measure twice, cut once
I also needed to ensure that my rain water diverter was working so that my water butt doesn't overflow and flood the back garden during heavy autumn and winter rains. I hadn't quite set it at the right level when I first installed it - and so when the water butt fills up, it flows over the top rather than backing up into the downpipe and away into the storm drains. That hadn't mattered much over the summer, since I usually kept the water butt drained in watering duty, but winter will be a different story. I even bought a new saw to tackle the job since the old one was a bit rusty and chewed rather than cut into the PCV drainpipe. If you watched PBS - you may remember the Old Yankee Workshop adage "Measure twice, cut once." I'm much more of a eye-up and keep cutting until it's about right kind of person. Sadly, this approach means that I no longer have a functioning drainpipe - and since I'd begun the job just before the stores shut due to Sunday trading laws in the UK - I couldn't run out and get new piping. Both sections - the one above and the one below the diverter are too short now - and not even duct tape would be able to remedy the situation now.

Root invader
I had been noticing that one pot of impatiens looked quite sad, but it is mid October, so I didn't think much of it. But when I went to pull them out - I discovered they'd been chewed off at the roots.

impatiens problem

by grubs - though I don't know what kind

impatiens problem

I had previously thought that impatiens were reliably resistant to most garden pests and diseases - and that's why, though common - I thought they were worth growing. I may need to rethink the strategy if the problem recurs next year. I looked around, and sadly this problem wasn't just in one pot - but had struck some of the impatiens in my beds as well.

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melusina said...

You know, I always thought my mom was pulling my leg when she talked about impatiens, which I of course heard as "impatience".

It would be brilliant if I could have a garden, and I suppose I will to some small extent when we move to our house on the mountains. However...I can't grow anything. Honestly, I'm surprised my cats have lived for 11 years. I'm going to have to make my mother come to Greece and take care of my garden, because she got all the green thumb in the family.

So for now I live vicariously through pictures of other people's gardens. Sorry about your "impatience"!