Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh yeah!

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Do you remember when the Superfriends went out and battled evil - evil from the Legion of Doom. Upon vanquishing evil, they restored balance to the universe. Then they went back to the Hall of Justice and lounged around in the conversation pit came back and laughed at the antics of Gleek? That laughter helped them express relief. Relief that a wrong had been righted and that the Superfriends were not going to be the butt of the SEC again.

No, wait - I'm mixing metaphor and real life. What a relief - the Vols beat Bama!! I was so happy that I made a local councillor and a doctor from a posh practice in leafy, posh section of London listen to Rocky Top when they were riding in my car today. I made my friend from Texas (that other UT) listen to Rocky Top at least four times (she knows almost all the words now).

Normally the Vol-in-Law could hardly care less, but even he stood and watched over my shoulder as I checked the score this morning with bated breath.

How 'bout them Vols? Bama lost and the Tennessee won - order in the universe is restored.

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