Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Big brother isn't just watching, he's collecting

Tony Blair wants to expand the UK's DNA database - so that everyone's on record.

Via Maureen - fellow American ex-pat blogger:

The prime minister is not content with his sinister ID card scheme. Now he is calling for the national DNA database to be expanded to include every citizen. (link via the Telegraph)

The UK DNA database is already the world's largest so why should it expand
to include every citizen? Combined with the ID card/database, the government will be gaining even more power over its citizens if this plan is allowed. There are no guarantees that there will be no misuse of the DNA database.

This is very scary stuff, people! This government is rapidly taking away all rights and freedoms of its citizens and everyone needs to wake up before it's too late.

Yes. Except it's probably already too late. The Government is already implementing a database which will store the records of all children in one place. Would you want all the info about your kid - (school records, health records, your home address) on a big old database that thousands of local government, health workers, cops and civil servants could access from all over the country?

And this DNA thing? Freakin' scary. I don't want my DNA on record. There's no telling what someone will do with that*.

This government does not have a great record of respecting ancient freedoms, civil liberties or delivering large scale databases that work on time and to budget. A waste of public money if it doesn't work - a danger if it does.

*Hmmm - genetically engineered mutant army of Tennessee Vols fans controlling Europe. It might not be so bad.

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jen said...

so very very scary...