Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fake grass update

A little while ago, I requested some "easy lawn" samples - as I am considering resurfacing my back garden - currently covered with paving slabs I don't really like. And, of course, I blogged about it...

Well, the fake grass samples arrived:

fake grass sample

And the unofficial straw poll on whether I should use the astroturf has come back as a landslide NO. Nearly unanimous, but one respondent was only leaning NO.

So, will I listen to all this well meaning advice? Hmmm - maybe

But...I did not share all of the facts with you. Did I mention that it might be possible to get the grass in custom colors.

I was going to just get the lawn in green. But then I saw this - here. Gosh, I thought, how I could even approach that? What could I do?

Well - how about this?

Power T Lawn

Now, I know what you're thinking. But don't berate yourself for your earlier, too hasty condemnation of the fake grass. There is still another consideration. After all, our house isn't really a forever house, so one day we will want to sell it. And what would a buyer think about such a beautiful garden? Would they question their worthiness and move on? Or perhaps just the right South London buyer would be willing to pay a premium. I'm just betting it's the latter.


Anonymous said...

If you do it, I vote for the lower left rectangle, or something like it. Actually the color should not be completely uniform. That is the dead giveaway. However mixing it with orange? I don't know. I'm counting on the VIL's taste to save the day. VM

genderist said...

This is so perfect. The Hater and I would like to vote for half of it verigated green... but the back half an orange and white checkerboard! You could say you live in the endzone!! That would be so perfect.