Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rainy day

I didn't sleep well last night and today was one of those non-stop dripping, rainy days. I did finally go out and get a section of downspout pipe to replace the one I mangled last week, but it was too wet outside to mess with it.

The Texan called and I happened to mention that my ordered copy of Gone with the Wind had arrived. So she and I and the husband spent the whole day watching it. Fiddle-dee-dee. The Vol-in-Law had never seen GWTW all the way through. (What!? - you gasp. Yes, I know.) Come to think of it, I don't know how many years it had been since I'd seen it all the way through.

Before we left for France, we'd watched half of it on cable tv - and then decided to go to bed - as it does go on. But it was nagging at me to finish it. And so finally I broke down and ordered a copy. And it is so brilliant, I forgot what a perfect film it is. Yes, yes - it has its lack-of-PC-ness to contend with - but as a product of its time - marvellous.

Why can't they make movies like they used to? These 30s movies were fast paced - not a wasted syllable of dialogue - and at the same time absolutely content rich. I hate the dragging heavyness of arty films or the vapid fluff of almost anything else.


I do remember my mother holding up Scarlett as a fine example. Scarlett didn't obsess about the bad things - she'd "think about that tomorrow" - in the mean time she'd get something done today.

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Anonymous said...

The original observation came from
my mother...and those same words are still ringing in my ears today...along with a number of other pearls of wisdom. VM