Monday, October 23, 2006

A celebrity blog post

Now, I don't normally post often on celebrities. There are plenty of blogs that can satisfy any need you have to read about celebs. And frankly, since I hardly buy any popular music or go to see films and sometimes feel that I need a English to Yoof! dictionary to understand most of these celebs I can't be bothered to keep up with their lives.

But this Madonna adoption thing is actually kind of interesting to me. She sure has got herself into a mess. But somehow I'm less interested in what she's done and more interested in the press and public reaction to her.

Has Madonna broken the rules?
Looks like it. Madonna doesn't really believe the rules were made for her. Madonna has mostly broken the rules in the UK. Since she's a resident of the UK and her husband is British - they really should have gone through the UK's rather onerous adoption procedures - I think this can take quite a long time. If you're dead keen on finding out how it works - here's a link to a council website which describes the process. (I suppose they could go through the US process which is still long - but I hear not quite as tough for overseas adoptions).

In Malawi, I expect the general rule is to grease the hands of officials if you want to speed things up. I expect in Malawi she's followed the rules - only much, much more so.

Madonna bought that baby. (Example here.)
Yes, she did.

Madonna has acted selfishly. (examples everywhere)
Yes. That's right. Is this surprising? This is how she got where she is and how she stays where she is. And now that she's no doubt surrounded by yes-people who'll indulge her selfishness, she has no reason to stop now.

She's just doing it because all the celebrities are adopting 3rd World babies. (example here)
Yeah. They're all doing it. OK, some are. Living in London - it does sometimes get to feel like babies are the latest must-have fashion accessory. And I guess some people have to have more exotic accessories than others.

Transracial adoptions are problematic (example here)
Maybe so. I would certainly think that it would be easier to feel you fit in with your adoptive family if you looked a bit like them. On the other hand, at least it's always pretty obvious you were adopted so there aren't any temptations to keep it secret or awkward revelations. And a transracial adoption is better than life in an orphanage - I reckon.

That baby's dad was confused/tricked (example here)
Now baby David's father is saying he didn't really know it was a real adoption. He just thought Madonna was going to look after his son until he left school and then David would return home. Well, I don't suppose that's outside of the realm of possibility. But once little David has left Eton or Harrow - I'm not sure how much he'll be interested in working on the family farm. (Unless it's for a photo-op for septugenarian Madonna's latest pop release).

I don't think so. Baby's dad seemed pretty clear about it last week. I don't want to be cynical about this - dad seemed pretty selfless last week. But some of dad's cousin's had a bit of ch-ching in their eyes. I think the dad's extended family may have convinced him to ask for a higher price tag. I suspect Madonna will pay.

Madonna is bringing that little baby to a better life - and a longer life-expectancy. (Example here)
Well, she's certainly bringing that baby to a richer life. And Malawi life expectancy may be under 40 - but what's the life expectancy of spoiled rotten celebrity kids. If they're not starving themselves to death - no doubt they often come to other sticky ends.

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