Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big British Blog Day

Hey, it's the Big British Blog Day - we're supposed to record the mundane details of our lives today and record them here.

It's part of the History Matters campaign - and the writings will be kept by the British Library both in electronic and print form - preserved for future scholars.

Make history with us on 17 October by taking part in the biggest blog in history.

'One Day in History' is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. We want as many people as possible to record a 'blog' diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life.

Write your diary here reflecting on how history itself impacted on your day - whether it just commuting through an historic environment, discussing family history or watching repeats on TV.

As someone who loves oral history and values "everyday histories" - I've always thought that blogs could play an important part of recording our everyday lives. This is a chance to record one day in the history of England and Wales. I think I will participate - and cross post here.

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