Friday, October 13, 2006

British General wants to cut and run

The head of the British army Chief of the General Staff Sir Richard Dannatt says it's time to start packing our bags and saying the farewells in Iraq. (Following the link you can listen to an AM interview).

Although he denies being out of step with the British Prime Minister - he says he wants to have an army in 5 or 10 years time and urges political leaders not to break the army in Iraq.
"We can't be here forever at this level....Don't let's break it on this one." He also says that Afghanistan is the bigger, more important battle.

In almost a throwaway line, certainly one that the interviewer didn't follow up on - he implies that the British Army will not accept Sharia law in Britain. Does that mean coup? He didn't sound threatening, but think about this a little bit. Why does the head of the army feel that he even needs to mention this? I can't believe that I'm saying this - but I think I might just support a military coup which restored English common law to a Sharia ruled UK.


Meanwhile, Newsrack Blog brings us the news that Southerners are no longer in favor of the Iraq War and that they are more "saddened" by the war than those in other regions


Thomas Nephew said...

Re the sharia comment, I'd guess he means not so much that he'd support a coup as simply that it's another reason he's unhappy to keep the British army in Iraq. I think supporting a coup would be way out of line even for Tony Blair, let alone a general of his.

Fidei Defensor said...

I listend to the interview, do you know where a transcript can be found?

Vol Abroad said...

Sorry, no. A transcript would be pretty cool.

Intersting enough - though the BBC interviewer didn't pick up on Dannatt's "coup" statement that morning - it was on the news this morning.