Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crazy in Alabama

In an amazing co-inky-dink, the guy whose photo I ripped as the result of a random internet search to fill my Go Vols, slam-on-Bama post.

Yes - this guy (Nathan Davis)

Has been interviewed in the Birmingham News. And turns out that big massive portrait of the Bear ain't the only ink he's sportin'.

A Crimson Tide elephant adorns his right bicep, and a tattoo of the late Paul "Bear" Bryant decorates the left one. A likeness of former UA quarterback Kenny "Snake" Stabler is tattooed inside his right forearm and the Alabama state flag is sketched inside his left one.

He has a matching set of signature Alabama A's inside each of his biceps, which he shows off when he flexes his muscles in the gym, and another one just below his Adam's apple. The outside of each of his forearms spells out the words "Rammer" and "Jammer," from the UA victory cheer.

And that's not all:

And he has one more to come. He is saving up for a Mount Rushmore-like mural of Bryant and fellow national championship-winning coaches Gene Stallings, Frank Thomas and Wallace Wade across his chest, one of the few remaining patches of skin that hasn't been tattooed with the Tide.

That's gotta be something to see - yeah, I'm kinda, actually impressed. And you know, I guess I'm impressed - in some ways that a guy would actually go this far. I have to admit that I'm not a tenth of the fan that this guy is. Sure, I wear a little orange in the Autumn, yes co-workers have threatened to drown my phone because of the Rocky Top ringtone - but I don't have a portrait of General Neyland on my ass.

Houndstooth Hat Tip to the Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer blog of Warren St John

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