Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lawrence County Advocate Endorses Ford

Lawrence County, down on the Alabama border, has traditionally been split between Democrats and Republicans - but has been tending Republican in the last few elections. Will that change in this election? I still vote in Lawrence County (and must mail my ballot back today!) and I'm voting for Ford.

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Sam Kennedy, Publisher Lawrence County Advocate

A few years ago one of my Democrat friends lamented that the party of the donkey was on its last four legs.

Not so, I told him. Any group, left in power over a significant length of time, will self destruct. It happened to the Democrats when leadership was taken over by the more radical self interest groups who thought they could abandon common sense and the values of the people, and still get elected. Newt Gingrich taught them that was not so and we changed.

Now it appears to me that the Republicans are bent on teh same road of self destruction. Those they have elected seem to feel that they can reign with arrogance. While preaching moral values their leadership ignored clear indications of immorality in their congressional ranks.

As the people groaned under the high cost of health care they passed an act designed by insurance companies and health care providers. In the face of misinformation, and failure of leadership in the war in Iraq, their only response is to stay a failed course. Our allies abandon us while we plow on.

We even talk of war with Iran and North Korea.

Surely, we have had enough of war when we are not attacked.

In the race for the senate here in Tennessee, the GOP candidate, Bob Corker, only offers to keep on doing what we are doing. That is not enough. We need a change of direction and the world will not end if Republicans lose control of the congress. As a matter of fact, some of the best government we have had in recent history was when teh congress was controlled by one party and the presidency by another. It made it difficult for our leaders to do anything stupid or pass trivial laws like city council.

Frankly, I think the Republicans have been in power long enough. They have grown fat and arrogant. In Tennessee, their power brokers abandoned two fine congressmen, Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary, and assured the nomination of a nice but uninspiring Mayor of Chattanooga as their senatorial candidate. I have reservations about Harold Ford Jr., but he at least is not bound to failed policies, is articulate, and does offer to explore new ideas.

I believe we must change our course and I shall vote for Harold Ford, Jr. It might be nice to cuss democratic leadership for a change. Your vote, as always, is your own, and for the sake of our country, I hope we choose wisely. There is more at stake than in an average mid term election.


"John Galt" said...

"...and I'm voting for Ford."

Major mistake you won't have to live with since you reside in the UK.

Vol Abroad said...

I still have to live with American foreign policy - and since he contributes to Federal policy which affects all of America and beyond - it doesn't really matter where I live.

But - I didn't reckon you'd be voting for him anyway.

St. Caffeine said...

A couple of weeks ago some friends (libs from MS) were telling me how amazed they were by a story they'd heard claiming Ford might actually win the seat. I know people love a good stereotype about Southern voters, but I told them I was not surprised at all by the story.

Heck, I think he's a much better candidate. Personally I don't understand why the race is even close, though I can see why Ford's strength might be surprising to some -- given his race and party affiliation.

If I still voted there, I'd cast my ballot for him. Down here I just write in "The Bear's" name every year -- though I've yet to get any tats.

Vol Abroad said...

Hey, I have a great idea for an electoral experiment! This next time - just to test if the secret ballot thing really is secret, why don't you write-in Phil Fulmer instead of "The Bear" on your Alabama ballot?

If you start getting a lot of traffic stops or are rousted from your bed by swat team in the middle of the night - then you'll know that our votes aren't so secret after all.

St. Caffeine said...

Sorry, Vol, I can't do that. Even though I'm not a BAMA fan, I cannot support anything associated with Mr. Fulmer. I detest that man! Would Steve Spurrier do the trick?

Vol Abroad said...

Do what you want, but I can't be encouraging any votes for that guy.