Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thoughts on the Vandy win

The Vol-in-Law and I were taking a Sunday afternoon stroll today. As it is Fall, our thoughts turned to football - or mine did anyway.

Me: You know how we beat Georgia last week? [GO VOLS]
Him: At Georgia, right?
Me: Yes.
Him: That was really good.
Me: Oh yeah. Well, Vandy played Georgia this week.
Him: So I suppose Georgia won?
Me: No, that's the thing - Vandy won.
Him: Oh, no! That's terrible.

(Since the Vol-in-Law is just a Volunteer by marriage, and the only news of NCAA football he ever gets is from me - I was pretty impressed by his lightnin' quick evaluation of the situation).

Now I hate Georgia, I really do. But I sure hate to see them get beat by Vandy. For one, it makes Tennessee's win last week look less lustrous, and for two.... I think those Vandy fans are still gloating over their freak win last year and even if they're gloating over Georgia that's still too much gloating.

Not to mention their Nobel Peace Prize winning alum - enough already. But congratulations Vandy, and congratulations Mohammad Yunus.

My blogging friend St Caffeine sums up that Nobel thing nicely:

As for the peace prize, how cool is it that they recognized the role of economics in promoting peace and, more generally, prosperity? [I'll admit I'm biased.] As the guys at Marginal Revolution pointed out, though, it's funny that Yunus won the peace prize, yet he would never have been a serious candidate for the economics prize.


John H said...

I have to say that, yes, I'm still gloating over last year's win over the Vols..I mean, when it happens only once every 23 years or so, it just feels so damn good. Yesterday just added lustre to the shine...

Here's to another 5-6 Vandy season!

"John Galt" said...

I had almost forgotten we (Vandy) did whip up on the Vols last year. Thanks for the reminder.