Monday, October 30, 2006

Pack of pumpkin lies

The Tennessean carries an article on canned pumpkin today - espousing the LAZY version over fresh pumpkin for your holiday pies and breads. Saying that canned is just as good as fresh.

Now, I might have believed this notion some time ago. I grew up on canned pumpkin myself - and always used it when it was available.

But over here in the UK, such things as canned pumpkin (pre-spiced or plain) don't exist - and where they do they're in expensive stores catering to Americans on corporate expat packages living in the luxurious ghettos of South Kensington. When I go to places like that, I feel poor and inadequate, so I generally don't go. (They are also full of Yankees buying jars of marshmallow cream, to make nutter-fluffer sandwiches for their ill-bred children.)

I admit - cooking down pumpkin for pie does take a while. But once you've had fresh - you'll be reluctant to go back. Yum. Yum.

  1. Tip: do a big batch at once - i.e. a pumpkin's worth - and freeze one cup portions for your autumnal baking needs.
  2. Tip: can't find pumpkin? - other "pumpkin like squashes" will do - butternut squash is an acceptable alternative.
  3. Tip: West Indian and Asian stores carry pumpkin - and now most mainstream British grocery stores do as well.

1 comment:

jen said...

i did do the fresh one year in desperation. but a) it's hard to find the proper non-stringy sugar pumpkins and b) it's even harder to get pumpkin splatter of the kitche ceiling when your wussy blender explodes!