Sunday, September 10, 2006

Airborne Rangers

We finished our D-Day tour with a visit to Ste Maire Eglise - a medium sized town which features the Airborne Rangers museum and a mannequin of a parachutists hanging stuck from the church roof (as happened). The Vol-in-Law commented that Ste Maire Eglise got lucky - only the 82nd airborne was supposed to drop in the area, but the 101st were blown off course and dropped in the same area - which meant that two divisions of veterans, their heirs and successors now visit the area - providing a substantial stream of tourists. We didn't visit the museum, it looked good, but after a tourist trap lunch and an attack by wasps (pestering souls of dead krauts, no doubt) - we decided to make our own breakout from the peninsula and move on to the Mont St Michel.
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