Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm baaaack

Wow, I haven't been at full sized keyboard - and one with an enter key in nearly two weeks. But we're back in ol' Blighty - jolly ol' England once more.

After a two hour delay to our ferry, and a churning, rolling channel crossing Albion welcomed us back with the white cliffs of Dover and London welcomed us back with a traffic jam. Ahhh, London - take me into your loving arms once more - ya dirty, old whore.

port of Dover

Update: The white cliffs of Dover were absolutely stunning. The ferry moves too fast for there to be viewing areas off the front, but the views from starboard (if that means right side?)were fantastic. It really was awe-droppingingly beautiful in the evening light. The weather was a bit hazy, so I'm sure it's even more amazing on a clear day.

White cliffs of Dover White cliffs of Dover

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genderist said...

The vacationing updates have been fun.