Sunday, September 10, 2006

A good bed is hard to find

Having left Mont St Michel, we had to fix on a new place to stay the night. We decided to head into the heart of Brittany and stop in the medieval town of Dinan. Well, Dinan is worth a visit, but a lot of other people thought so too plus there was some type of air ballon festival and who knows what else - it seemed all of surrounding Brittany was there last night and we couldnt get a room. We drove further south to find no hotels or shut up B+Bs. We arrived at St Meene le Grand, a town that doesn't make it into the guide books and drove past a hotel that seemed like it might be run either by Mr Bates or Mr Fawlty - I rejected it. We tried another place, no rooms - turns out there was some kind of agricultural festival on in town. So back to the Bates Motel - as we figured it was marginally better than sleeping in our car in a lay-by. Well, they did have rooms available and at low, low prices too. Yes, the owners were creepy, yes the decor remains unchanged from the 70s, yes we had to use a flashlight to carry out suitcases up the darkened stairway, but actually it's alright, it was clean and quiet. And it's within walking distance of the town center where we had a fantastic and very reasonably priced meal at a very quaint creperie. That food was very welcome after a day in which I'd only eaten a grilled cheese sandwich and a cold tin of green beans. Sadly, our room did not afford a view of the fireworks that started at 11 - but we could hear them.
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KathyF said...

You mean you actually went to France without reservations? Oh my god. You really do live on the edge.