Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing the boat

We missed our sailing to France. But the nice breakdown guy directed us to a local garage where we bought the first souvenir of our journey - a new battery. We made a delayed 12:15 sailing narrowly having been waved thru passport control with the barest of gallic shrugs. He barely glanced at my American passport. We're now in the onboard restaurant - awaiting our first french food.


Anonymous said...

This all sounds unconvincingly civilised. I can't believe that you are actually talking to each other in a modulated fashion over your lunch. Surely the air is blue?

Anonymous said...

It's must be uphill from here. At least you will not have to worry about a battery for a while.
Bon voyage! VM

Vol-in-Law said...

"Surely the air is blue?"

We maybe felt like swearing at Halfords, who sold us the no-good battery 2.5 years ago, but not at each other. The VA and ViL face adversity shoulder to shoulder with cheeriness & determination! :) Besides, neither of us was inclined to blame the other. Either of us _could_ have insisted on replacing the battery, neither did. And we ended up with a better & cheaper battery than if we'd tried to replace it in London.