Monday, September 04, 2006

New Vol resources

How 'bout them Vols?

How 'bout them Vol bloggers?

Excellent new Volunteer football resources online. I've begun my Vol blog roll (check the sidebar), which will take you to Rocky Top Talk, Voluminous and some new bloggers, too. And the fantastic new Rocky Top Brigade Vol aggregator.


Even for the expat, you know it's football time in Tennessee when:

  • You wear orange to work every Friday
  • You amaze Brits with the Neyland Stadium seating statistics (even the slow-to-complete national stadium here doesn't seat that many)
  • Every time we're near a live band I ask my husband "Do you think they know Rocky Top?"
  • My computer desktop image becomes the aerial view of Neyland Stadium.
And I make dang sure that everyone around me knows it, too.


Tim said...

Ah, I can actually say I miss seeing the orange everywhere, especially this coming time of year. I'm not a diehard football fan as many others, but I wish I had some of my Big Orange and Vol banners here. Sigh . . .

genderist said...

It's football time in Tennessee!!

(Mom said she's sending some new orange scrubs my way... )

Southern Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the link to my blog! If it's okay, when I rearrange my sidebar, I'll add a link to you to the Vols section.

Great game last Saturday! Looking forward to pulverizing Air Force this weekend. ;)